About “Eleveners”

Cambridge Beaches has a venerated wooden wall which records the number of times that guests have (understandably) returned to the resort. There are hundreds of “Fivers” and slightly fewer “Tenners”, even fewer “Fifteeners”…. The headings soon climb by tens, each group pyramiding, culminating in a few distinguished visitors who have returned well over 100 times.
This watercolor comes from my 11th visit. As I “drew with my eyes” in preparation to paint, I discovered that there were , in fact, 11 layers to this architectural detail of the typically Bermudian hip roof. I took this realization as my impetus, my own personal tribute… to my 11th visit.
Watercolor is all about light and the white paper is all over that…


Year: 2022 | Size: 15" x 11"


Framed: Not Available | Unframed: $700