About “Transportation”

Continuing to explore blurry backgrounds with a wet on wet series of overlapping washes, another watercolor based on a photo from the very western end of Bermuda, right near the Dockyard. It was almost impossible to believe that the exact same colors that captured the distant palm trees could be used in the plumeria bush in the foreground but they could, creating a pretty unified painting. It’s always rewarding to give the naturally present white of the paper a voice by surrounding the petals with darker values and so defining the flowers. The sun, filtering through or reflecting off of the waxy leaves of the plant, was a real draw to this image. The fragrance of this flower is almost ethereal and unmistakably transports you right to the island. Okay, so the spot is also close to one of Bermuda’s bus stops…but now you know the REAL meaning of the title. And you don’t even need a token.


Year: 2021 | Size: 16" x 22"


Framed: $NA | Unframed: $ 1,500.00