About Formation: Knott Hall

Knott Hall is the soul of Loyola Blakefield’s proud new campus. It contains the pool, basketball courts, indoor track and many offices of this Jesuit high school in Towson, MD. Each afternoon, as I picked up my son from swim team or water polo practice, I parked behind the magnolia trees and watched the flags snap to attention. Loyola bases its four years on the premise that it is not so much an education that takes place, but a formation – broader than the mere sum of a list of courses. That word stuck with me and became the basis for this painting as I worked to capture the building, the magnolias, the three flags and the characteristic lamp posts and banners of the school. Every parent awaiting his or her son has surely sat in this beautiful view with great pride.
The original watercolor was purchased at the 2007 Blue and Gold Auction to benefit Loyola Blakefield.


Year: 2007 |


Framed: Not Available | Unframed: Sold

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